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Shattered Justice


How Unethical Attorneys Can Turn A Simple Divorce Into A Nightmare

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Shattered Justice is the second novel by Larry Hines and continues with his theme of delving into the dark side of our justice system. It is centered on a simple divorce that turned into a disaster because the case was assigned to the Honorable Jeffrey Ross, an incompetent and biased judge, whose weaknesses are ruthlessly exploited by the husband’s lawyer, Peter Novak, who does not hesitate to leap over ethical boundaries to insure victory. The inevitable result was a decision that denied the wife, Kristin Halfer, and her disabled son, any interest in a $28 million dollar estate. The drama involves Kelly Parks, a paralegal going to law school at night, and attorney Dillon Clark, who together fight what seems like a lost cause. The sub-theme involves the age old question. Can only the rich win in court? If you like a cliff-hanging story, a fast-paced legal drama of the John Grisham genre, and don’t mind a few tears, this is a must read novel.

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